VIKING Gas Suppression Systems

VIKING Gas Suppression Systems

Genco Represent the largest company in Fire suppression Gas Systems in the World ,VIKING .

Viking Provide a CO2 Cylinders pre-fabricated compact modules, all function-relevant components are combined with various functions in a single unit and accommodated in a protective cabinet, where they are protected from dust, moisture and mechanical damage.

A compact module consists of a frame with freely suspended extinguishing gas cylinders, which are connected via pressure-proof hoses with the manifold, including weighing units with electronically monitored leakage indicators and an electromagnetic gas release.

Viking Provide a VSN 1230 fire extinguishing systems Fight fires using Novec™ 1230 by 3M™. This extinguishing agent is particularly suitable for the protection of spaces with electronic and electrical equipment and offers an economical fire protection solution especially for small and medium-sized rooms.

The 50 bar technology of the VSN 1230 system makes optimal use of the characteristics of this extinguishing agent and offers some significant advantages. For example, they can be adapted individually and tailored specifically to the requirements of the protected area.

With 50 bar technology, it is possible to set up one multi-zone system instead of several single-zone systems. Multi-zone systems jointly use a single stock of extinguishing agent for all rooms, while in the case of single-zone systems, a separate storage facility must be provided for each room. This reduces costs and saves space, especially if several rooms of a similar dimension have to be protected in a building.

Viking Provide The extinguishing HFC-227ea that is used in VSN 200 fire extinguishing systems is used for total flooding of clearly zoned areas and is suitable for fires of the classes A and B. The extinguishing has a gas pressure of 3.91 bar at 20 °C, that positively affects a fast evaporation at the nozzle and the fast distribution in the room.

VSN 200 is neither corrosive nor electrical conductive and causes no damage or residues at sensitive electronic components. It is colorless and almost odorless and a gas at ambient temperature. The molecules consist of carbon, fluorine and hydrogen.

The extinguishing VSN 200 does not have a sufficient vapor pressure, in order to assure a complete and effective flooding of a protected room. In order to reach the desired system pressure, the extinguishing is therefore pressurized with nitrogen on the intended system pressure of 25, 42 or
50 bar.

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