Stat-X Aerosol Fire Suppression System

STAT-X Fire Aerosol system which is the Newest Technology in Fire Fighting fields where all Fighting systems extinguishment involves either removing the fuel from the fire, limiting oxygen or removing the heat but Stat-x working with a new technology through condensed Aerosol and break up uninhibited chain reaction of the combustion process by removing the active species involved in the flame chain reaction. It extinguishes fire without depleting oxygen , It is the preferred choice in applications including, but not limited to, control centers, museums, server, archive rooms, gold and diamond mines, telecommunications networks, television stations, electrical industrial panels, plant/equipment rooms, oil field installations, electrical transformer substations, electrical panels, cabinets and many more. 

Some of the main advantages that Stat-x systems offer vis-à-vis gaseous systems include

    1. Far easier installation-No piping, pressure cylinders, special supports or valves are required, thus reducing installation time, installation and labor costs considerably.

     2. Cost effectiveness – Stat-x systems are less expensive compared to most other gaseous systems making these more attractive to the end user.

     3. Easy maintenance without the need for pressure testing, weighing, pressure/leak detection, etc.

     4. Tremendous space saving as the space required is only a fraction of the space needed for cylinders.

     5. Stat-x systems design calculations are based on uncomplicated parameters resulting in simplified design calculations. 

How Stat-x Generator Works?

How Stat-x SUPPRESSES fire?