WPT Grooved Fittings

WPT Grooved Fittings

WPT mainly engages in the production of Ductile Iron Grooved Fittings, the stock materials are about 3.500 pallets for more than 500 references, Now WPT has been the leading manufacturer in the field of grooved fittings .

WPT is committed to supplying the high price performance ratio products that follows the international standard for all customers worldwide.

For ductile iron grooved fittings.

WPT has been approved by the international quality assurance agencies UL Listed and FM Approved .
WPT Supplies complete range of couplings and fittings used in aboveground automatic sprinkler installations, both red and galvanized.

WPT Supplies Basic range of flexible sprinkler hoses both braided and unbraided used for commercial suspended ceilings.

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